Lindsay Somers Learn to Run logo in white

I worked under the direction of Lindsay Somers to design this logo for her Learn to Run program.

She was looking for something clean and with motion, while at the same time capturing the urbanness where the classes would take place.

I leaned towards a heavy typeface for the Learn to Run type. My research led me to Cadet, which has a leaning towards bauhaus typography with its rounded, geometric shapes. I felt that it had just the right amount of retro feel but didn’t look too dated. The type for “Lindsay Somers” is the no-nonsense Manifold.

Keeping things simple I used the image of a “mostly” nondescript running shoe. Added to that are some motion lines and a little grit texture (for that urban feel).

As with all logos I design, it has to look good on a shirt, or in this case a sweatshirt. Shown here in heather grey, this completes the retro feel.

Learn to Run logo on heather grey sweatshirt.
Learn to Run logo on heather grey sweatshirt.

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